Website Development

Web Development

The first thing that 54% of the U.S. population does when they hear about a company or service they are interested in is go online to find out more information.

Companies are reevaluating the importance of their web presence to make sure they are not losing customers before they have a chance to talk to them. In many regards a company’s website has become its most valuable business asset. We work with you to create an effective website designs and make content recommendations to enhance your prospective customer’s online experience. Together we will create an experience designed to drive more conversions from your website visits.

With Impact Solutions you have a team of developers that are experienced in using templates to deliver on inexpensive layouts or developing completely custom web environments that will satisfy the most discerning customer.

Mobile Site Design

If there was any remaining doubt that mobile web browsing, specifically on smartphones, was poised to overtake traditional desktop browsing, news from last year’s sales has put those questions to sleep for good.

In 2010’s fourth quarter sales, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever. The five highest-grossing vendors of smartphones that year were Nokia, Research In Motion, Apple, Samsung, and HTC. And combined with other retailers, they managed to sell 101 million units around the world in 2010. We will work with you to create versions of your site that promote ease of viewing on your clients mobile devices.